Create art at night?

Have you ever felt the necessity to create something NOW? Well I have this feeling sometimes. Nowadays I´m better "in control" of it, but this wasn`t so in earlier days.

So maybe ten years ago I went and pulled myself a little bit "free time" even when it was really really late in the evening and I should have been going to bed, because the so little  and so sweet boys woke up very early when they were young ;0) Today it is vice versa what gives me the time to create at early mornings rather than in late evening/night time.

However, these days I wanted to make something colorful or even this motive I saw in front of my inner eye for a while and it seemed better to bring it to the outside on canvas, than to see it every night hi.

Okay, so here I show you some very well hidden secrets:



This is a really long time ( the calendar says) since I´ve made these but I still love the colors and I thought its like candy time for the eyes as here the days are very often more grey and moody in this time of the year.

Yesterday while searching  for some background props to take a photo of some bracelets I made I found this:


This is the art from above printed on fabric and I thought I share this idea with you.

I got it printed with Spoonflower a shop where you can print your own designs on fabric, wallpaper and even gift wrapping paper, this is so great!

Prior I wasn´t so happy how it turned out, which was totally my fault because I didn´t even think about how it would turn out with the ongoing pattern or even did edit the photo before…

But the  feeling of the fabric was great and the colors turned out how they should and the service from Spoonflower was really great, so I thought I store it and will see what to do with it.

And today it was so good that I kept it! Because I had some fabric with colors I really like and I got a brand new photo prop, that´s a win, isn´t it?


While today I would edit the photo and get the pattern and the colours really right for the fabric. But however this was then and today is today. So here is the possibility to bring your own design to life to whatever you may want to use it. Great for all the creative souls, hi.


I´m totally happy how the photos with the bracelets turned out:


And while looking over the photos I nearly forgot to say that the little blue bowl you can see on the photos was made in this time by my little son with his tiny hands. And this is why I keep it until today and store stamps in it for the jewelry packaging. I think he was about 4 years old then and today he is 14!! Imagine..


Have you ever stored something and found it for another purpose you never thought about it?

I would love to hear!!

And please forgive me some writing or spelling mistakes, since this is the first post ever I wrote in english. (Whooho!!)

I hope you enjoyed the candy colour for the eyes and wish you a great day!!

Silke xx