Let´s go to Paris!

rosenrotes-in paris1 The great thing of the fact that our kids are getting older and not called kids anymore but teens is that we can take a spontaneous trip without much planning before we leave the house.

Just buy enough pizza and let some money on the kitchen table, ask close friends to be there if something unexpected happens, book two tickets for the TGV and a nice hotel, grab a few clothes and comfortable shoes and in about 4,5 hours you are there. Doesn´t this sound so cool?

As I know some of you can not do this so easy, I thought to take you out of the daily routine for a walk in Paris.


First thing to do when you arrive a the train station "la gare de l´est" is to buy tickets for the metro. Better buy "un carnet de 10" rather than a 3 or 4 day-ticket as we noticed later that this would have been less expensive.


We have been a few times to Paris on our way to or from the Bretagne where we spent family holidays. This means that we have visited the very important places (VIP) and done sightseeing with our boys or friends before.

This said there was no hurry to go for the big sightseeing tour. We walked just as it came along. We strolled little streets and places also as the classical big sights of Paris.




La cathédrale de Notre-Dame with its impressive architecture from the outside as well as the wonderful bright and colorful glass windows in the inside.




We looked at the beautiful townhouses:


And the small details along the streets:


The only thing I had on my wish list is to go to Lafayette to see its bright and gorgeous glass dome. This is the only thing I have to see when I´m lucky enough to be in Paris. I don´t know why but I love it so much. I could spend a day just watching this beauty. I would have a seat and look at it the whole day.




rosenrotes-in-paris9.1Thankfully I´m married to a man who doesn´t like to be in shopping malls at all. Whether they are Lafayette or not. Otherwise I would be still sitting there and loose myself in thoughts about this beauty.

So we went outside and inhaled the fresh and cold air.




rosenrotes-in-paris13 We went up to Montmartre where you can have this gorgeous view over Paris.

rosenrotes-in-paris16In the moment we wanted to go inside of Sacre-Coeur the big doors of the church were closed. As we were told because of an easter-procession. So we stayed outside and enjoyed the incredible view.


rosenrotes-in-paris18 In Paris you can not stay away from great views. There are just so many!





I really hope you enjoyed the walk in Paris. I enjoyed the stay so much and the boys did so well at home! What makes me proud and by the way makes it more likely that we will do something like that more often. ;0))

Have you been on a short trip recently? And have you any recommendations for a nice trip in Europe or somewhere else?

xx Silke